Sling bags come in all shapes and sizes, but many are uncomfortable to carry and way too small. If you need a new sling bag, you have come to the right place. The X-over bag stands out from all other sling bags because it features several adjustable straps, allowing the bag to keep snug to your body and preventing sliding forward even with a heavy load.

Whether you need it for traveling, shopping or as an everyday bag, the many features, good quality and various carrying options will impress you. Since 1996, our crossbody sling bags have proven that you can have a stylish and functional bag.

Feel free to browse our selection of the best sling bags in the world.

Woman wearing X-over bag looking at a sunset

AGILITY in color Dusty Road, size S
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Man wearing X-over bag sitting on Land Rover hood

LANDSCAPE in color Black Forest, size M
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Man wearing X-over bag looks downhill on his MTB

BIKE SPORTS in color Aluminum, size L
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The medium size bag fits all of our stuff and more - it’s quite spacious and sturdy.

Adam Crenshaw // Driver

This XOVER bag is with me everywhere I go.

Annah Coburn // Realtor

Graphic showing all the features of the X-over Barcelona bag