A Core Lifestyle


Do you use your core only at your Pilates studio or gym? Or are you core aware throughout your day? Your core should have no limitations and endless capabilities. An elaborate way of saying, your core should be your daily power house.
 At CoeDynamics Pilates and Functional Health, it is a lifestyle to look & feel GREAT! Your Pilates sessions is where you should build awareness and strength for your core [...]

5 Tips to keep your valuables safe while you travel

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Having personal identification cards and passports with you is necessary during travel, but keeping all other valuables safe at home during vacations is best. Travelers should remain alert, especially in foreign countries, to prevent theft from occurring. Today's article will cover several tips, including getting an anti-theft travel sling bag to help you keep your valuables safe while traveling. 1. The X-over bag's hidden pouch X-over has the best [...]

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving


Whether you spend this holiday with family, friends, or just you spending time with you, Thanksgiving can be a great opportunity to reflect on life’s many joys and practice gratitude for the good things that have happened throughout the year.  (Or, it can simply be a great excuse to eat pie for breakfast - whatever floats your boat!) We often focus on the feast at Thanksgiving, which is the [...]

Are you planning a trip to Alaska?

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The month of September has National Wildlife Day as one of its holidays. One of our favorite places to experience wildlife is Alaska! The 49th state is known for its memorable outdoor experiences, breathtaking natural beauty, and abundance of wildlife.While the sun barely goes down during the summer, it is a great opportunity to see all of the beautiful wildlife. Both Black Bears and Brown Bears call this state [...]

Tips for a fun day at the beach

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I mean who doesn’t love the beach? It’s fun, energizing and relaxing at the same time.Whether you like to hit the surf, run in soft sand, take a romantic stroll or just like to get a tan - the beach offers it all. The moment your toes sink into the sand, your mood should automatically switch over to vacation mode; chill, happy and relaxed. Take a deep breath and [...]

What is a Sling Bag?


Sling bags feature a unique body design and a single strap. All crossbody sling bags are relatively versatile and designed to stay in place and remain as close to a user's body as possible. Unlike a traditional backpack, a sling pack can be worn either front-facing, across the body, or on one shoulder. Sling bags come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, giving users multiple options to fit their needs [...]

July hiking adventure

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We like to be in nature whenever we have the chance. Luckily, there are some great hiking trails near us.Woods and Forests are the key for a good July Doggie Adventure. There’s always a lot to explore, especially when hiking on some hidden trails.T-R-E-A-T-SThe X-over bag is great for carrying extras for the pups, like water, bowls and towels. The sling bag comes in handy when hiking. No need to [...]

July for us is get outside month

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Nature, Panoramic Views, Experiences...aren’t these the reasons we so love the outdoors and are constantly driven to explore new horizons? Even though July is a hot month, it’s also the totally iconic Summer month. June seems to always be full of last minute work and school tasks, doesn’t it? July is when we get to really stop and take a moment for ourselves. For us, getting out doors is our favorite way [...]

Launch at the summer festival


What better way to introduce the X-over bags to the American audience than going to a local street festival! Despite a few challenges along the way (like a last-minute booth confirmation and a water leak in the bedroom at 5AM!), we managed to keep our cool and still made it in time to set up our booth at the summer festival in Redondo Beach. The streets filled up quickly [...]

Hello and welcome


We are X-over USA, and we are so happy that you found your way to our brand new website! We’ll bet you’re eager to get to know us better. Let’s start with the X-over brand... X-over bag is the one and only crossover messenger backpack. Our products are synonymous with creativity, empowerment, and a free spirit! They are developed with great care and attention to detail and are produced [...]