If you’ve been searching for a crossbody bag that is comfortable, sleek, and functional, the X-over bag is sure to win you over. We have several colorful patterns and styles to choose from, and here are some of the reasons why you will want the X-over bag as your everyday crossbody bag:

  • The X-over bag has high-quality, long-lasting zippers
  • There is a notepad partition and multiple pockets to keep your stuff organized
  • It features a deep, zippered anti-theft compartment in the back panel
  • It has a water-resistant base to protect everything inside the bag
  • It features various carrying-systems
  • This crossbody bag has an external mesh pocket to carry your water bottle
  • Sleek design, functional and comfortable

The X-over bag is the best crossbody bag on the market because it comes with a various carrying system. Unlike other crossbody bags, you have the option to tighten a secondary strap to help distribute the weight of your bag evenly across your back. This versatile, innovative crossbody bag includes other features, such as a zip pocket for your valuables, a removable pouch and key holder, reflective logos, and more.

Since 1996, this bag has featured a timeless, functional design that has withstood the test of time. Our X-over bag is ideal for casual outings, vacations, shopping sprees, and sporting events. You will not regret getting one of these bags, so look at our X-over fashion line today!

I finally decided to buy one. Now I own 3 in different sizes and styles.

Peter Miller // Software Developer

No matter if I travel, go shopping or work out, one of them is always with me.

Megan Kuwalski // Mom

Graphic showing all the features of the X-over Barcelona bag